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Anniversaries are fun to celebrate

2013-04-17 14:00:00

Norma Stende

Anniversaries are fun to celebrate – but sometimes they are something really special. Like the 40th anniversary we are celebrating for our friend and coworker, Norma Stende. I bet you expect us to say how experienced and very valuable she is to our team, how much we like her, and how much her clients enjoy working with her. All of these things sound so cliché but are so true! I wish I knew another way to express them, but my talents are in insurance….writing, not so much.   

Norma is first of the staff to arrive most mornings, quick with a laugh. She works with the agency’s most complex accounts and her experience serves them well.  She loves to mentor new people joining the agency and those learning insurance. One of her accounts told us that they take bets in their office how long it will take Norma to respond to their email requests because they are so amazed at how quickly she responds!    

Congratulations Norma as you celebrate this special anniversary, we love having you on the Warner team!