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Ugly Desk Bling Benefits United Way

2013-11-08 09:50:00

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Our fall United Way campaign kickoff  was a ton of fun this year!  For $1 we could move  an ugly container dubbed ‘desk bling’ (specially hand crafted by Jessica in the Fargo office)  to a coworker’s  desk.  For two days the ‘desk bling’  flew around the offices –in  all 4 of our branches - until 4pm last Tuesday.  Whoever’s desk it was on as the clock struck 4pm is where it will stay for the next 30 days.   Stop by to see your agent in the next month to see if they are sporting some new ‘desk bling’ in their office.

The United Way does great work in our communities.  Our agency and the staff have been making contributions to the United Way (which was called the United Fund before that) since the early 1920’s.    Our founder, RD Warner, was very proud that even during the depression in the 30’s the agency and the staff continued to find a way to give to others.    It’s part of our foundation and the values we continue to live today.