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Your Common Hail Questions Answered

2014-05-21 14:29:00

1. Are all houses affected the same way by hail? Even next door neighbors can be impacted differently by hail. Variables Include:
a. Number, size and hardness of the hailstones.
Hailstones can vary tremendously within a small locality.
b. Velocity and direction of the wind. Your property may be shielded from hail depending on the direction of the wind.
c. Pitch, condition and age of the roof. The steeper the roof’s pitch, the less damage expected. The newer the roof the better it stands up to hail.

2. Is it normal to have granules from my roof shingles in the gutter and on my driveway?
a. The normal weathering process of composition roofing causes most granule loss.

3. Can individual shingles be repaired?
a. A reputable roofing contractor can remove individual roofing shingles and replace them with new shingles.

For more information on how to choose a contractor and how to prevent further damage after a hailstorm, click here.